Ruby vs Rails

April 6th, 2005

Comparisons like this give me the creeps. It just doesn't make any sense: what is "language", and what is "library"? For instance, I once saw such a comparison between Python and Java. The Python program was using something like HTTP:: (forgot the right syntax), while the Java counterpart implemented the http get by itself. Using commons-httpclient would have reduced the lines of code tremendously.

Anyway, I suppose people are still looking for useful metrics in the programming world. Not an easy job, but I thought that we all already agreed that "LOC" is not a very good one.

Via Shinzui.

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  1. -marc= Says:
    The response I've been giving lately against these comparing-KLOC's-between-languages-addicts is this: Take any English book into translation to Spanish and you will see that the Spanish book needs (don't remember exact numbers) 25% more letters/words/pages. Does this mean that writing the book from scratch in either language would take more or less time? And does it really relate to the time needed to read the book? Could the spanish book with the same amount of words hold more subtle variants of the basic set of ideas? And more importantly: Do you care? How on earth could the answer to those questions be of importance?, or even be used to build up evidence of supremacy of either cultures?

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